Get to Know the Flavors

Get to Know the Flavors

With so many delicious options, we know choosing which flavors to try can be tough. While some of these flavors might bring a wave of nostalgia for some, they may dare others to be a little more adventurous. No worries, we're here to help! Here's a brief breakdown of each flavor profile, to help you get to know them a bit better before making your purchase ;)


Classic Milk Tea: Hailing from Taiwan, classic milk tea is traditionally made from a mix of Assam black tea and sweetened milk, topped off with boba pearls. With 42 mg of naturally occurring caffeine from the black tea, the comforting blend of mild, earthy tea is perfectly balanced with the subtle sweetness and smoothness of the sweetened milk. Kind of like a latte, but with a distinctive tea note instead of coffee. If you want a creamy, aromatic flavor profile that's complex and comforting, classic milk tea is for you!


Taro Ube: Best known for their distinctive purple hue and starchy, creamy texture, taro and ube are two roots native to Southeast Asia. Found in a diverse array of Asian desserts, from taro milk tea to ube ice cream, these roots have become key ingredients in some of the most iconic Asian treats. By combining the two, we've crafted a flavor profile that is subtly sweet and nutty, with a hint of vanilla. If you've never thought that root vegetables could make for a delicious drink, these two will surely change your mind!


Matcha Latte: Widely considered one of Japan's finest exports, matcha is a green tea ground using a traditional Japanese method. This process imparts a rich flavor with notes of earthiness, sweetness, and umami, creating the distinct complexity instantly recognized by matcha lovers. The creaminess of our matcha latte perfectly enhances the full-bodied flavor of the tea, and brings you 98 mg of naturally-occurring caffeine for the perfect mid-day boost of clean energy. Our ceremonial-grade matcha also boasts tons of health benefits, being rich in antioxidants, supporting heart health, and boosting the metabolism. This tea has centuries-old traditional Japanese ceremonies dedicated to its preparation for a reason, come see the hype for yourself! 


Coconut Mango Cream: We simply dare you to nam a more iconic duo. From mango sticky rice to mango sago and mango lassi, this beloved duo regularly graces desserts across Southeast Asia with their presence. The lusciousness of juice mangoes combined with the sweetness of coconut cream, often topped with condensed milk, creates a perfectly creamy, tropical flavor. If you're looking for something fruity and refreshing, our coconut mango cream is perfect for you!

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