Our Story

Lunar Lifts Nutrition was founded with the mission to bring Asian-inspired flavors into the fitness community, through protein powders inspired by our favorite Asian drinks. 


As a competitive powerlifter in college, I saw first hand the importance of fueling the body with protein, and how the current market was lacking high-quality options that actually tasted good. As the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants who owned bubble tea shops across the tri-state area, I also grew up surrounded by the wonders of bubble tea and other Asian desserts. 


Tired of forgoing my (ideally) daily boba to stick with my fitness goals, I began working backwards from my mom's milk tea recipes to create healthy, high-protein versions with clean ingredients. After iterating through over 100 recipes, I created the first core flavors of Lunar Lifts Nutrition's protein powders. I then partnered with one of Taiwan's most respected bubble tea product manufacturers to ensure the most authentic taste, and Lunar Lifts Nutrition was born 👼. Join us as we celebrate our Asian heritage in the world of health and fitness, showing everyone that you can have your boba, and eat it too! 🤪 

Our Promise

Made without artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Using only real ingredients like our Assam black tea and ceremonial-grade matcha. No fillers, preservatives, or hidden ingredients, and of course the most authentic taste.